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Data dodania: 2024-03-27

Neuroscience for teachers of ENHANCE alliance

Are you eager to enrich your teaching with insights from neuroscience? What is crucial in memory consolidation and learning?

We invite you to our engaging workshops: "Learn how students learn: neuroscience in academic teaching." This first webinar is a journey into the fascinating world of how brains form memories and learn, offering you practical tools to enhance your teaching efficacy.

The speaker: Prof. Joanna Mytnik, Gdansk University of Technology, head of the Cenetr for Innovative Education

The workshops, based on the latest neuroscientific research findings, is presented from three perspectives: the teacher, the parent, and the learner.

Key topics include: the formation of memory traces, working memory and long-term memory, two modes of brain operation, the role of breaks, stress and emotions in memory formation, the attitude towards learning, the impact of sleep and physical activity on memory formation, effective learning tools and methods, and the illusion of competence.

This workshops is a chance to reflect on and refine your teaching methods, making learning more impactful and enjoyable for your students. Whether you're looking to invigorate your lectures, discussions, or practical sessions, these insights from neuroscience will provide valuable enhancements to your academic toolkit. 

Join us to empower your teaching with the latest neuroscience research and create a learning environment where every student thrives.

Let's embrace these insights together and transform the way we teach!

Date of workshops: 23rd April 2024, 2:00 - 4:00 pm

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Participants: academic teachers, PhD students and university staff of ENHANCE alliance.

Certificate of participation: yes

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