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Date added: 2021-03-10

Gamification at Gdansk Tech

Gamification is a tool for building engagement by designing new experiences that evoke emotions and bring joy. It has the power to change "I must" into "I want."

Emotions, fun, strategic thinking

Gamification means relationships, emotions, joy, a sense of community, supporting each other, and an individual approach to each student. This is a lack of traditional judgments. It is a teacher who is immersed in another world and takes part in a fascinating adventure together with his students. It is also a safe environment for making bold decisions without risking failure, from which it is impossible to rise from, it is acquiring the ability to cope with failure.

Gamification is the ability to choose your own learning strategy by selecting tools and forms of work, it is taking responsibility for your own decisions. It is a choice, not a compulsion, it is the autonomy that we give the student in making decisions about when, how and at what level to learn, the feeling of being in control of the situation, and being empowered.

Mechanics and dynamics of the game

To build a gamified course, the teacher, i.e. the Game Master, uses the elements that function in games, their selection depends on the didactic goal we set for ourselves, on the problem we want to solve. It can be encouraging active participation in lectures, systematic work throughout the semester instead of learning just before the exam, acquiring teamwork skills, individualization of teaching, creating a space for students to develop their own passions, stimulate a creative attitude or critical thinking.

A skilful combination of several game elements, giving them dynamics (by stimulating the motivation to take up challenges) and an intriguing plot (the narrative builds the game world!) Will make our students go on a journey that will return them not only with knowledge, but also with memories, proud with a fulfilled mission and facing a challenge, with a sense of community, richer in established relationships.

The competition is a bit different

Not all elements functioning in business gamification work well in education, in the case of educational games, the use of competition should be considered. Achieving your goal in a learning ecosystem should not be made conditional on being faster than others. Care should be taken to reward everyone who achieves learning outcomes, not those who achieve it faster.

Learning is an adventure

Gamification is a very personal journey of each of our students, in which we, the teachers, have the great pleasure to accompany them, observing their development and discovering their passions. Because learning is a fascinating adventure!