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Date added: 2022-02-09

Center for Innovative Education - new unit at Gdansk Tech

cne team
The Center for Innovative Education is a place where we support academic teachers in their work, offer professional training for teachers, build a community of teachers, help building relations between teachers and students. We dream about the real change in higher-ed at Gdansk Tech by supporting academic teachers in designing the high quality courses and their well-being as well. 

The idea of ​​creating the new unit at our university has started in early 2020, now we are the team of 11 specialists.

Dear teacher, we offer you our help in:

  • designing active learning ecosystem for your students
  • organizing the group work
  • shaping the skills of critical thinking, strategic thinking, communication, cooperation, and design thinking of your students,
  • building group relationships in your group and team building.

We want to hear about your needs, ideas, and problems. We offer you the help of our methodologists, instructional designers, graphic designers, developers, game and gamification specialists, UX/UI designers, video-makers, new technology specialists. We have a recording studio and equipment needed to achieve your teaching goals. A graphic tablet, prompter, green screen or an interactive screen for lectures are at your disposal.

If you have an idea for innovation, we invite you to apply in the Didactic Innovation Competition.

With us you can:

  • record video-lectures, invitations to your courses or podcasts in our studio,
  • build the activities integrating your student groups, both bilingual and multicultural,
  • create a solution for textbooks 2.0 (digital and interactive multibooks),
  • design and implement gamification into your academic classes,
  • design a game for your activities (simulation games, scenario games, board games, quizzes, escape rooms, city games, outdoor games),
  • implement storytelling in your course, lecture,
  • implement a flipped education,
  • introduce visual thinking,
  • research and measure the effectiveness of new methods, publish the results,
  • and many others.


You can raise your qualifications individually or in groups (lectures and workshops), remotely or in in our training laboratory or in an e-learning course.

Tell us about your needs, share your ideas! You can send us an e-mail or visit us for the Hydromechanics (building no 11), we have a good coffee!